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TICO CV/D - Structural Bearing Pad

TICO CV/D is a low stress seating made from cork enhanced polyisoprene rubber and is usually specified for low stress applications where situations benefit from its good damping properties. A popular solution to the problem of structural damage caused by shrinkage, rotation, differential settlement and localised stresses.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for a wide range of low stress bearing applications
  • Maximum recommended working stress 0.3 MN/m2
  • Can be supplied with a protective Hypalon lacquer edge proofing if required
  • Non-Standard sizes and thicknesses are available on request

Typical Applications

  • Individual resilent seating and continuous strip alternative
  • Ducting of chute mounting
  • Floor slab on corbel
  • Floor slab expansion seating
  • Vertical seating for the seperation of a floating floor
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    More Details

    The surface on to which the resilient seating is to be bonded should be level, clean and flat. Suitable adhesive should be used and the seating held firmly in place until the correct bond strength is achieved. Pre-cast beams and slabs may be placed directly onto resilient seatings.

    If a joint or slab is to be cast in situ, then it is important to ensure that no concrete is allowed to bridge the restraint barrier. It is suggested that this can be achieved by either employing TICO Void Filler or temporarily by infilling with compacted sand and sealing with polythene prior to casting the concrete.

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